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A Political Action Committee for SBIR Innovators

Money talks in politics and there’s no way around it. With the fate of SBIR-reauthorization, angel investor tax credits, increased SBIR funding and grant sizes, and so many other legislative priorities in the hands of professional politicians, it is vital that our community be able to support our allies in Congress and ensure our voice is heard. If we don’t stand up and speak for our community – no one else will! By supporting Innovation PAC & Our 2012 Innovation Agenda, you are building a permanent advocacy presence for the SBIR community around THREE CORE GOALS:

Effective Funding:  When federal research budgets increase, so do SBIR dollars.
  • We join our allies in academia calling for increased Federal R&D funding.
  • We will continue to educate Congress on the importance of larger and faster increases to the SBIR as being key to economic recovery & long-term growth.
  • We will call for increased support for pro-innovation programs like Faster Cures, Phase III pilots, and others.
Investor Incentives:  Innovation requires funding, and private investors are often critical to traversing the Valley of Death.
  • We support proven policies like Angel Investor tax credits, state tax credits, and state “matching” grants.
  • Bringing private Capital to mature companies from the SBIR to the marketplace.
Breaking Barriers:  Crowd-funding is an effective tool to drive investment in small business innovation – but only if the crowd is manageable and can provide enough funding.
  • Increasing individual and aggregate limits in pending legislation – and fighting for even higher limits for “Verified Investment Entities”, such as SBIR grant recipients and Federal contractors, can make crowd-funding work for capital-intensive innovation.
  • Decreasing regulatory burdens on SBIR entrepreneurs will put more resources into creating innovation, not agency paperwork.
How can we achieve this ambitious agenda? ONLY with YOUR SUPPORT. Money is the mothers’ milk of politics. We need your financial support to engage our allies, challenge our foes, and remind Congress that our community has the resources to fight for SBIR.

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The Innovation Political Action Committee (InnovationPAC) is an independent, non-connected political action committee registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Contributions to InnovationPAC will be used in connection with federal elections to the extent permitted by law and are governed by federal election law. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited. Contributions to InnovationPAC are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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